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Adrianne Moloney

Making your moment, uniquely yours.

Ceremonies and rituals mean something to us – they are a way to mark moments in time that are significant in our lives.

As a celebrant, I am in the privileged position to assist you to create your ceremony, a ceremony that resonates with who you are as an individual, a couple and as a family that is legally and/or personally binding.

With an extensive working background in project management I commenced offering celebrant services in 2019. I have enjoyed every step of the journey and the wonderful couples I have met along the way who have privileged me with the opportunity to work with them as individuals, couples and families to make their special day extra special.

My joy and obligation as a celebrant is about getting to know your story and bringing it to life in your ceremony. I have the ability to guide and plan with you your journey to ensure that just as you are, your ceremony is unique to you. I pride myself on my skills in being able to work together with you, so that you can be confident that it is your thoughts and your commitment that are being conveyed to your guests in a style that is uniquely your own.

The personalised service that I offer means that while I manage the mechanics of the ceremony, you will be able to focus on enjoying and immersing yourself in the experience of the ceremony with your loved ones.

I love what I do and feel honoured to share special moments in time on what is your life’s journey. 



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